Here is my contribution to Share Your World for this week.

Where did you live at age five? Is it the same place or town you live now?

When I was five I lived in Randlay in Telford with my mum dad and younger brother. A year later my youngest brother was born.

It is not the same place I live now, and we moved from there three years later.

You are invited to a party that will be attended by many fascinating people you never met. Would you attend this party if you were to go by yourself?

I am not sure as I am not very good at parties, or get invited to many so I would be shocked that I got an invite in the first place. I think that I would go but I probably wouldn’t enjoy it.

Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it?

I have generally lived in villages and small towns round the UK. I much prefer them to the hustle and bustle of cities.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

All sorts. Train driver, Astronaut, Doctor to name but a few.