A group of members of the St Marie Historical Society were planning a celebration and all had meal cooked using local ingredients that the members had foraged themselves helping themselves from a large pot. Each of the feel ill with food poisoning.

One of them was later found dead in his room. It appeared that this person had ingested more of the poison that the others which is why he died and they were merely violently ill. However this man had just before he died phoned Humph and told them that he thought someone was trying to kill him. So Humph went there and found the body.

Nobody could really explain why only the leader had died when all of them had eaten the same food which meant that his food couldn’t have been tampered with as was their first thought. The team got to work and discovered embezzlement, fraud, affairs, a child searching for attention and it soon became all too clear who the killer was and, when Humph explained it all at the end, it seemed rather obvious and you kick yourself for not working it out yourself.

One of the more interesting subplots of this episode was Humph’s desire to tell Camille that he loves her and you really root for him because he is just so clumsy but incredibly indearing and you really wish that she would just grab him and snog his face off.

When Camille tells him that she has been offered a new job away from the island you can almost hear Humph’s heart break.