A group of Hens are on St Marie for a hen do whilst the groom is doing the same on St Lucia. They are all having a great time, playing games, drinking and they all went their separate ways with the bride to be going to bed first and the others staying in the bar for a while longer. The following morning the bride to be is found dead in her bathtub and it looks to all intents and purposes like she was held under and drowned in the bathtub but it seemed that none of them had left their bedroom at any time in the night when the murder looked like it had taken place.

This was a bit of a quandary for Humph who knew damn well that it was murder but just couldn’t work out who would have done it as most of her friends with her on the hen night didn’t really have any particular reasons to want to kill her, as one of them was her best friend since primary school, one was her best friend since university and one was the sister of her husband to be.

It did however turn out that one of them was seen to have been trying to extort money out of the of the victim, and one of them and that another of them had dated the groom before her best friend and also that one of them sister had died in a car crash after the groom had split up with the friend so all of a sudden there seemed to be a little bit of a motive for murder on the part of some of them but it still didn’t explain how they had managed to kill somebody when they didn’t leave their bedroom at the time of the murder.

Of course Humph was on the case and Humph managed to work it all out when he put a coaster under the leg of a wobbly table. Yes, that is right, that is how he worked out who was the murderer. I really don’t know how he does it but the slightest thing suddenly makes everything clear to Humph and he is then able to explain it to us and it all makes sense each and every time.

Humph also decided that he couldn’t let Camille go to Paris and so refused to sign the release papers for her, but wasn’t quite able to tell her what he had done, but managed to look incredibly guilty about the whole thing. He did the right thing in the end though and signed the papers even though he didn’t really want to and it was heart breaking to see him let her go when you know what he really wants and that deep down she sort of feels the same way as well, well not quite the same way, but Humph can dream can’t he.

I reckon she will be back though as it won’t be the same without her and might probably mean the end of the show as well, which would be a shame. I hope that I am wrong as this is a decent show which is the perfect antidote to cold winter days.