This episode was not really about the murder that happened at the start of the episode which featured a rather thinly veiled Oasis type band making a comeback album on the island when the lead singer was found dead in the swimming pool in an apparent tragic accident.

It was more about how they would all cope without Camille, now that she is undercover in France.  Florence had already replaced Fidel in the second episode of the series and had fitted into the team very well indeed and I was expecting that we would get a new lady detective to partner Humph, but instead Florence got quickly promoted and Dwayne got another partner in crime in the guise of JP who is very eager to please and to learn from the great Dwayne Myers.

Dwayne was enjoying himself in this episode as JP will pretty much do whatever he is told to do no matter what it is and I think that they are going to be an interesting team and that there is going to be some funny scenes between them.

Florence capably took Camille’s place in the team in this episode and showed that she is more than adept at that role. She also looks good in her (very) short shorts and there is a small indication that there might be a romance in the making between her and Humph, which would be a better storyline that having Humph getting together with Camille as that would have just been doing the same storyline as the first two series, which would have been a bit of a cop out if you ask me.