In the fourth episode of The Musketeers words get around that a young peasant girl called Emilie is being feted as a prophetess who is being given visions by god that King Philip of Spain is the devil in disguise and they France should march of Madrid at once to stop him.

She wants an audience with King Louis but he is apparently advised that it is not a good idea for him to meet with her, or rather because he is too busy tupping Milady to really give a flying fuck about anything else, and who wouldn’t in his situation.

The Musketeers decide to go and find out as much as they can about what she is up to and who she really is sending Aramis undercover to pose as one of her flock but not before stopping to tup the nanny of the Dauphin who unfortunately seems to have fallen in love with Aramis, when he was only tupping her to find out about this son.

Certainly when Rochefort found out about the Queen’s maid and the Musketeers little dalliance he was very forward is making sure she knew exactly where her place was unless she helped him to spy on the Queen, not that he thought it was spying exactly, despite it being exactly that.

You couldn’t blame the poor woman, especially after she had given herself to Aramis, and the way that women are treated in that era, if it was let out of the bag, which it wouldn’t take much to Rochefort to do, if he felt the need, or if things got a little bit too close to comfort for him.

Rochefort showed his truly nasty side in this episode with the way he killed the prostitute that he frequently went to and made her pretend to be the Queen who tried to kill him and then sent her severed ear to the person who had instructed her to kill him (the Spanish ambassador), and also the way that he threatened Milady.

The difference between her and the other woman was that Milady wasn’t in the least bit scared of him. However he did manage to persuade her to kill the Ambassador by saying that he will not reveal to the King her list of crimes. Milady had little choice in the matter really even if the King probably would have believed whatever excuse that she could think off.

I would also imagine that Rochefort will use that bit of knowledge later when it suits him, although I guess that Milady will think that the King’s infatuation with her will get her off scot free.

The Queen tries to take matters into her own hands and goes to see Emilie with Constance but this nearly makes matters worse until Constance eats some soup prepared for Emilie which gave Constance some very vivid dreams, the sort that the girl had been having.

By making her believe that she was having an audience with the King she willingly goes to the court where she is promptly arrested for the murder of the Spanish ambassador, which she categorically denies saying that she never even knew who he was.

The King had been made sure that she was person who was responsible for the murder even though some people, the Queen included were not totally convinced by her guilt.

There they convince Emilie that she was drugged and was not the person that she thought she was and that if she did what she planned then all of the people who had willingly followed her would be killed. She soon relented and went back to her flock to tell her the truth.

The King was not best pleased at the fact that Emilie had been set free and Rochefort pointed out that this was Treville’s doing and not what he wanted, and therefore Treville’s fate was settled and he was relieved of his duty of commander of the Musketeers in the final scenes of the episode.

It will be interesting to see who they get to replace Treville as commander of the Musketeers, probably someone who is close to Rochefort, you would imagine.