Athos goes missing one day whilst on a drinking spell. At first the rest of the musketeers aren’t that bothered as he does this sort of thing all of the time but when they can’t find him in his usual haunts they begin to get a little bit worried.

Athos wakes up back on his lands and he has been kidnapped by the people who live on his families land to protect them from the overtures of another local landowner who decides that the land is for the taking if Athos doesn’t want it.

We got a bit of a flashback to Athos past with Milady just before and just after she was found with his brother dead with a knife in his chest. That was the only appearance by Milady in the episode and there was no appearance at all from Rochefort, Queen Anne or Louis and to be honest.

Athos’ tenants tried to make him feel bad about not giving a shit about them, but it didn’t really wash with him, as he really wasn’t that bothered about what happened to them. The other Musketeers however lived up to their “one for all and all for one” motto and all bandied together to help his tenants against the other landowner who just wanted them to to bow down and do whatever he wanted as he was one of the high born and they were just plebs who were no good for anything.

Athos soon started to feel a bit bad for his former tenants and came good at the end by giving them back their own land and telling them that it was up to them so there was a feel good feeling at the end of the story as the little people triumphed over the aristocracy with great aplomb.

It was quite nice to get away from all of the machinations of Rochefort for a little while.