There was a big sporting event going on on St Marie with the volleyball championships taking place on the island with the islands teams reaching the final against a neighbouring island team who they have a massive rivalry with. But just before the final is due to take place one of the other teams members are found dead.

Dwayne had a lot of fun in this episode watching lots of footage of young women in bikini’s and then claiming that he was interested in the game and not the fact that they were young, lithe, pretty girls in bikins, much to the amusement of Florence who knew exactly why he was so interested in the sport and it certainly wasn’t anything to do with the game.

Humph tried to feign interest in the game as well but not as convincingly as Dwayne did, although probably for more laudable reasons than Dwayne though.

The mystery was ok in this episode but was probably a little bit more predictable than usual, but when there can’t be any other people who did it even if they do have cast iron alibis one of the people least likeley is bound to be the person responsible, especially in this series.