Michelle Collins plays the murder victim in the seventh episode of this series of Death in Paradise and manages to get murdered not just once, but twice. She does play nasty bitches very well and when you find out more about her character in this episode you can understand why someone would want to kill her and that any of the people who were close by at the time of her murder could have been responsible for it and that it wasn’t going to be that easy to work out who the culprit was.

They even got an admission of responsibility within the first ten minutes of the episode which did seem to be a bit to convenient when there was another 45 minutes left of the show and, of course, it only turned out to be half the story and there a little bit more to it than it seemed at first and it was only Humph who was not entirely convinced by the original admission of guilt and whinged and groaned enough so that the others had to go along with him and it was a good job that they did in the end as there did turn out to be more to it than the murder victim just being shot.

Unlike most of the murders in this show this one really could have been done by absolutely any of the potential suspects as Michelle Collins character had rubbed every one of them up the wrong way at some time in the past. Even the victim’s sister could not be entirely exonerated when it was discovered that the victim had been having an affair with her sister’s fiancée.

Once again Humph worked out it all out in the nick of time and there was a final twist in the tale which meant that she had in fact been murdered twice and that the murderer wasn’t the person they thought they might have been.