Humph’s oft mentioned father made an appearance in the final episode of the series and even got some of them believing that Humph would just up and leave at the end. I wasn’t too sure that he would do that as he had not previously shown that he wasn’t entirely happy with his lot in life on the island.

Yes, Camille has gone but I think that he also has a soft spot for Florence and he knows that he really good at his job despite often acting like a bit of a dolt. In this episode it really didn’t look very good for them as a suspect was killed whilst he was held in custody just before he was about to stand trial for the murder of a local woman. Not only that but the victim was only out of sight of the police for a few seconds during which time an alarm went off.

Now it could be argued that a few seconds is long enough to kill someone there was also the fact that nobody appeared to enter the building whilst they were there. There was a car seen speeding away from the front door but no actual sign that anyone had actually exited the building at the time either.

So it was another tough case for Humph and co but more so for Humph who had his dad snouting around but at least in the end he managed to make a good impression on his dad, one which seems to be long, long overdue. I must admit that I, like Dwayne, was rather surprised at the final identity of the killer, even though with it did seem likely to be the best option, unless it was one of the main characters. Having said that they have already done that plotline in the very first episode and, of course, it just simply cannot have been on the main characters, so the person that it was, was the only person who could actually have committed the murder, even if he initially had not motive that could be determined.

Of course one he had a motive it was the easiest thing in the world to name him the killer. So ends another enjoyable sojourn into the Caribbean during the depths of a British winter and the best news of all is that there is going to be another season of the show in the new year, a real tonic for those long, cold nights.