In this episode the King’s cousin Princess Louisa was sent to Paris to get a gift from the King for her forthcoming marriage to Swedish royalty, to broker a treaty between the two nations. Just before they reached Paris the convoy was attacked but the Princess and some of her men were saved by the Musketeers and were then given protection when in Paris itself.

The next day the Archbishop is killed in an attack that was assumed to be meant for the Princess. Not long after Treville is sent for the King’s gift for the princess and ends up being shot in the back and almost killed.

The person who shoots him is none other than the one the princess’s men and this is spied by Milady after she is escorted from the palace and out of luck which is just manna for her as she knows exactly how to use this piece of information which she knows very few other people would know about.

Treville recovers but it is a bit of touch-and-go for a while and there is some rather gruesome seventeenth century surgery shown which is not for the fainthearted.

Athos goes to find out what the gift was and discovers that it is a portrait of the Princess Louisa and that the artist was murdered.

When they find the original sketches they realise that the person that they assumed was the princess was not who she claimed to be at all and then it was a race to find her and stop her from completing her plans.

This episode was a bit of a romp when compared to last week’s rather tense episode and was a lot of fun to watch. The fake Princess Louisa was very convincing throughout the episode, and it did seem a bit of a shock when her true self was revealed but when you realise that very few people knew what she actually looked like it did seem rather easy for the perpetrators to get as far as they did.