Porthos discovers the truth about his parentage and what happened to him as a baby and this doesn’t go down well with Porthos at all, especially when he finds out things about Treville that he didn’t previously know and couldn’t match with the man that he knew and respected, or thought he did in this episode such as the fact that Treville was the one who spirited him and his mother away from his father but that each one of them claimed different reasons for doing so both of which made sense given the situation that Porthos father was of noble blood and his mother was a servant and both which were equally believable even though for the majority of the episode Porthos felt the need to believe what his newly found father said was true rather than what Treville said was true as Treville’s account doesn’t place his father in a very good light at all.

Constance is asked for her hand in marriage by the kings personal surgeon in this episode which shocks her a bit as he had never previously shown any interest of that sort in her before her husband had been murdered and she does lead him on a little bit, the little minx when it is obvious that she only has eyes for one person.

At the end of the episode Rochefort showed his true colours and pretty much attacked the queen and proclaimed his love for her then when she fought back and stabbed him in the eye he then decided that he would proclaim himself the victim and her the aggressor as he told her that he controls the guards and is also the one person that the King seems to trust at the moment so you can imagine that the queen is not best pleased about this as he also seems to have worked out that the Dauphin is not the king’s son as well which he is certainly going to use to his own advantage.

So far what Rochefort wants Rochefort seems to get so at the end of this episode it really is looking good for the queen as Rochefort will work out a way to make this her fault and not his, and the King will likely believe Rochefort over his own wife as Rochefort has got him believing that everyone apart from Rochefort is seeking to topple him from power, and the King is buying it hook, line and sinker.

The last two episodes should be interesting as see how far Rochefort will go to get what he wants, which is probably all the way given his previous form.