In the sixth episode of Atlantis Jason prayed that Ariadne would not die from the poison that she had been given in the previous episode, but it didn’t look good for her, and when they realised that it was with an enchanted sword that she was stabbed with that no ordinary medicine would cure her, but only another enchantment.

It was also very convenient that there was only one place that they could get this from and that would be with the three sisters who were not that easy to find and locate but as Ariadne was sick and Jason was madly in love with her he had to make sure that every single avenue was covered in making sure that Ariadne got better as soon as possible.

I am not too sure that there was a great deal of peril for the future of Ariadne in this episode as it did seem quite unlikely that she would be killed off so unceremoniously as she appeared to be doing so in this episode, even though that was what Pasipahae was hoping would happen so that she could just walk into Atlantis and take it over, and was what she needed to do to actually get what she wanted.

Luckily it was very well done, and rather dramatic, so there was a little bit of tension there which is something at least. It wasn’t quite as exciting as the previous five episodes had been, and did seem to be a little bit of a lull in proceedings before the really exciting stuff begins but it was certainly continuing to look promising.