This penultimate episode of the Musketeers was a thrilling episode to watch as we saw Rochefort transform into the truly cartoon villain that he is. He also surpassed himself in his villainy when compared to the Cardinal, who would never have gone as far as Rochefort did, and wasn’t half as much a bastard as Rochefort is.

Marc Warren is obviously having a ball playing such a nasty part as Rochefort as he really gets to do what the hell he likes and pretty much gets away with it. For a while not only has he had the King in his back pocket but he has also scared the Queen’s governess half to death with his threats to damage her honour by telling people that she slept with a musketeer out of wedlock knowing what that would do to a women in her positions reputation if it came out making her complicit in his schemes when really she has nothing to do with it and is being coldly and ruthlessly used by Rochefort.

You do have to feel a bit sorry for the governess as she hasn’t done anything wrong and yes she is being made to lie to cover up Rochefort’s doings and when she virtually condemmed Constance and Lemay you could tell that she was totally broken up about it, well afterwards anyway.

Poor old Lemay got the worse of it though as not long he had saved the Dauphin’s life, not without Rocheforts best efforts to make sure the infant wouldn’t survive and was only doing what he was told to do, which isn’t a crime, but he was an easy patsy for Rochefort for covering up his own dirty deed in trying to do away with the king.

He even said that only did it to weaken him, which I doubt very much and someone had to pay for that crime it certainly wasn’t going to be Rochefort so unfortunately the poor Doctor was the person who was murdered in cold blood with poor Constance being forced to watch on and then told that if she would give evidence against Aramis then she would be free to go. It is very doubtful that even if she had acquiesced and told Rochefort what he wanted that she would have been free so you can understand why she would keep schtum  as it really wouldn’t have made much of a difference in the long run.