The final episode featured the remaining musketeers trying to get proof to the King about Rochefort’s treachery with a stand off mainly between Porthos and the armies of Vargas, who was the person who’s employ Rochefort was in.

Vargas wasn’t going to come quietly and only when the majority of his men were killed that he decided that he had better give himself in, especially when he heard what Rochefort was planning to do, which wasn’t what he had planned but it would prove difficult to actually get them into the castle as Rochefort had told his guards to remove everyone else from the castle and not let anyone else in apart from his own men.

Rochefort had by now totally lost the plot and was entirely unhinged as he proclaimed to everyone that the Queen was a slut and a traitor and needed to be punished forthwith in the only way fit for a traitor, no matter who she used to be. He also had Aramis about to also be beheaded for his part in affair with the King in the background listening to all of these claims and believing it unutterably as why would Rochefort lie to him, after all of the good councel that he had given him over the years.

Once Vargas got there and told the king the truth of the matter it was soon over and there was a final battle between Rochefort and the musketeers all of whom wanted him dead for various different reasons.

This was a rather exciting finale, a lot better than the end of the first series which wasn’t quite as thrilling as this one. I have enjoyed this series and think that it has much improved since its first series and it will be interesting to see what they decide to do when it returns in the new year.