News gets around Atlantis very quickly of the Queen’s plans to marry Jason and it isn’t well recieved by most of the people as they just don’t believe that he is the sort of person that the queen should be marrying, a little bit like Prince William marrying a girl who works in a supermarket.

It went down particularly badly with Pasiphae who decided that this simply couldn’t happen and set about plans to make sure that it didn’t.

In accordance with tradition their union had to be blessed by the gods and if it wasn’t then it couldn’t possibly take place and both Ariadne and Jason knew and accepted this.

It didn’t help their cause that the oracle was taken from the castle walls not long after she had returned from her business with the gods which left them both in limbo as regards their upcoming nuptials.

What I certainly did not expect was that the Oracle would be killed there and then and, in particular, in the way and by whom, as that was certainly not what I was expecting but does make sense and also sets up a nice little sub plot for the rest of the season.

I also wasn’t expecting the traitor in the palace to be the person who it turned out to be either as that particular person is able to make sure that they would be very hard work to be unmasked as a traitor in the first place (unless you are Pythagoras of course), and also virtually impossible to prove, so it only remains to be seen if Jason and Ariadne will ever be able to marry, which at the moment isn’t looking to good.