Game of Thrones : Valar Dohaeris

In the first episode of the third series of Game of Thrones we start the action just after the events of the Battle of Blackwater.

Sam is the first one seen and he is running for his life, as you would if you had just seen whitwalkers approaching you. I would probably have done the same if I am being honest.

You really felt for Sam as he is one of the more likable members of the Nights Watch and he is a person you often find yourself rooting for and so it was quite tense and you did begin to wonder if Sam might not make it out of this alive when some burning arrow thudded into the the whitewalker that was about to rip poor old Sam limb from limb and the craggy face of the Commander was the best sight Sam had seen for quite some time. Of course Sam got a bollocking from Mormomt but at least he wasn’t being eaten by a whitewalker so swings and roundabouts really for Sam.

Joffrey is a bit pissed off with his bride to be when she stops and talks to some commoners when they are on their way back to Kings Landing. Margaery doesn’t think anything of it but it really makes Joffrey’s blood boil and makes him even more annoying and petulant than his normally is. Joffrey is given the opportunity to speak to the his people but refuses after taking a look at them, showing his true colours. This seeming kindness in Margaery is noticed by Cersei who probably doesn’t understand how she can give a shit about the poor people as she has nevere given a shit about anybody but herself in her entire life.

Jon is taken to Mance Ryder’s camp and meets the King beyond the wall who wants to know why he wants to abandon the black watch and join with him. The answer that Jon gives seems to please Mance who appears to accept it without much arguement even if there wasn’t a great deal to it.

Robb returns to Winterfell and sees the destruction of his former home. He is still pissed off with his mother for setting the Kingslayer free and orders her to be taken to the cells, much to the shock of his new wife who thinks he is being a bit too hard on her.

Daenerys took her ships to look for an army who would do her bidding where she found the Unsullied an army of men who were not men and who were only interested in doing the bidding of their owner, no matter who they were but first she had to persuade their current owner to sell them to her, which wasn’t easy as he was quite a character with very colourful language which he said in his native language so Dany wouldn’t know that he was calling her a slut and a whore

Littlefinger told Sansa that he had seen her mother and her sister, much to her joy, and told her that he would help in her any way that he could, which is never always a good thing coming from a man like Littlefinger who never does anything without it entirely benefitting himself before anybody else.

Whilst Dany waits until her bid for the unsullied is considered she spots a child with a ball. The child throws the ball at her. A hooded man tries to push Dany out of the way but Jorah grabs him. When the ball lands near Dany some strange mechanical creature is born from it. The man is able to stab it with his sword and the little girl runs away revealing herself an assassin from the warrior of Quarth from the previous season before disappearing into the distance.