Game of Thrones : Dark Wings, Dark Words

In episode 2 Sansa is invited to lunch by Margaery and her grandmother Olenna who is played with great gusto by Diana Rigg. The meaning of this is to find out what sort of person Joffrey is. Sansa tells them that he is a monster and then realises what she has said and tries to pretend that she didn’t but it doesn bother either Margaery or Olenna who can sense what Sansa really means.

Joffrey shows his nasty side in this episode in a scene where she shows Margaery how to fire a bow and how he would deal with people like Renly and also how he obviously finds his bow more attrative than his bride to be.

Brann has a dream where is trying to shoot a three eyed crow and a boy appears and tells him that he is the crow. Later on they meet the same boy and his sister who tell him that they have been searching for him for a long time but didn’t elaborate at that stage as to what they wanted him for.

Theo finds himself being tortured for fun and is told by a boy that his sister had send him to rescue him. Robb hears of the death of his grandfather and also of Winterfell. He decides to go to the funeral despite some of his men saying that it was a distraction.

Arya, Hot Pie and Gendry and making their way to Riverrun and are discovreed by the brotherhood without banners. They feed them but just before they go another group fo the brother brings in a captured man who turns out to be The Dog who gives away Arya’s true indentity to the brotherhood without banners.

Brienne and Jaime are spotted by a farmer whom Jaime wants to kill. Jaime manages to grab of one Briennes swords and they have a fight which is stopped when they are taken captive by a bannerman of Roose Bolton’s who was told of their presence by the farmer who had seen them earlier much to the disgust of Jaime.