So now Jason is locked up for the murder of the Oracle, which he couldn’t possibly have been done and Ariadne appears to be ok with it, as it was the will of the gods and these people are so superstitious that they wouldn’t dare go against the will of the gods for fear that something terrible will happen to them.

However Ariadne is not happy all with what is transpiring and has been working with some of her people who are still loyal to her (which isn’t many at the moment) to free her lover from his cell.

Hercules tries to keep Medusa safe taking her to a safe house whilst he tries to come up with a plan that doesn’t involve him losing her again (even if there really isn’t another way forward considering how bat shit crazy Pasiphae now is) and tries to comfort Medusa who is really broken up about her part in the murder of the Oracle. He ends up sharing a cell with Jason after causing a ruckus in a tavern (which turns out to be a ruse) before they are broken out of their cells and get as far away from Atlantis as they possibly can.

Melas, who it seems has turned on Ariadne, is revealed to have a very good reason for doing what he did in the previous episode, which shows him in a bit of a different light as he is now just another puppet of Pasiphae and that he is also afraid of Cillix who it seems is the main traitor in Ariadne’s midst.

Ariadne was soon sentenced to treason by Cillix who had managed to convince the whole of the council that she was guilt of treason despite the lack of evidence that she was and only using the peoples superstitions about the gods to back him up, but somehow it worked, and poor old Ariadne was thrown in the cells.

Then in the final scene of the episode we Pasiphae marching back into the city like she owns the place, which, to be honest, she really does think that she owns the place, which is really all part of the problem with her really!

It is a real shame that this show has been cancelled after these episodes as it has really come into its own now and is a superb show full of intrigue and drama and all about the characters and the dialogue (which is much improved upon in this series) and the ongoing story and less about the monster of the week and is much better as a result.