Games of Thrones : Walk of Punishment

In this episode Theon has a mixed time of it as he is seemingly rescued by this young man and told to go an meet his sister, only to be set upon by a gang of men who basically wanted to rape him only to be rescued again by the same young man who proved to be rather handy with a bow and arrow and sent on his way again. I bet Theon doesn’t know what the hell is going on here.

Tyrion finally gets some sort of good news when he is given the job of Master of the Coin at the small council meeting as Littlefinger is given the oportunity to marry Lysa Arryn and turn more of Robb Stark’s allies against him. Tyrion soon realises that they are pretty much bankrupt and that they owe a lot money to both his father and also to the Iron Bank who would pretty much get the money back if not paid on time by funding their enemies!

Ser Barristan Selmy tries to persuade Dany not to buy the unsullied but her mind seems made up on that matter and she even offers the slave owner one of her dragons as payment for all of the unsullies warriors much to both Jorah and Barristan shock. She also demands that he give her his translator as part of the deal.

Mance Ryder orders some of his men to go to the wall and climb it and take the nights watch. He lets them take Jon Snow with them and tells them that they can throw him of the wall if his causes trouble.

The men who captured Brienne and Jaime take them to Harrenhal where they all decide to have a go on Brienne until Jaimie manages to persuade one of them that she is worth her weight in sapphire’s if her honour remains intact as it were. They appear to believe this story and even allow Jaime to be untied but they soon change their minds and chop of Jaime’s right hand, which was not what he was expecting.