Starting from tomorrow I am doing this little challenge that I found online. I will try and do one post a day, if I can.

1. When did you first see the Breakfast Club?

2. Who’s your favourite character?

3. Which character do you relate to most?

4. Recast the movie to your favourite actors. Who would play what?

5. What’s your favourite scene?

6. Who’s your least favourite charater?

7. Assign each of the ‘labels’ to some of your friends. The jock, the basketcase, etc.

8. Which one of the characters would you hang out with for a day?

9. How would you feel if someone remade the Breakfast Club?

10. Which character do you relate to the least?

11. Take an analytical stance. What do you think the movie means in a metaphorical sense?

12. What’s your favourite quote?

13. Do you think The Breakfast Club is more of a Comedy or a Drama?

14. What’s your favourite paring/ship?

15. What does the Breakfast Club mean to you?