Superman 3 starts in a dole queue. Yes, you heard it right, it starts in a dole queue, not the first thing that you would normally expect to see in a Superman film. Then there is a ridiculously long slapstick comedy sequence which to me seems totally out of place in this sortof film and almost takes you away from the superhero film as much as the opening scenes did and just went on for far to long as well, it seemed that it would never end.  

Clark Kent first appears during the overlong slapstick sequence and we soon find out that Lois is going away and is going to be in the rest of this film. The rest of main Daily Planet people are not exactly given a great deal to do in this film either but at least they are not packed off like Lois has been. 

This film also has some rather considerable coincidences which are vital to the plot workingout in the way in which is ultimately does. This starts in the opening scene of the film where Gus finds an advert for a computer programmer in the paper a job for which he then finds himself more than just adept it. Now if only that were the case in real life when you are stuck on the dole which I can tell you from bitter experience rarely happens. 

Gus soon gets greedy when he realises that he isn't getting the money that he thinks that hedeserves and is able to very easily hack into the companies payroll system and give himself a nice bonus which soon comes to the knowledge of the head of the company who instead of firing him which would be the normal cause of events when you have been pilfering company fundsbut instead decides to use his not considerable talents for making a lot more money for     himself. 

The boss of the company that Gus got a job at is called Ross Webster and is pretty much a very slightly disguised Lex Luthor and is played with relish by Robert Vaughan. Also like Lex Luthor Ross Webster has a female ditzy female sidekick played by Pamela Stephenson, who in this film is very mich more than meets the eye. One of things that Webster wants Gus to do isto destroy some of his competitors coffee crops so that he can be the main supplier of coffee throughout the world. 

Whilst this is all going on Clark is enjoying himself at his high school reunion and meetingthe girl that he loved throughout that time, Lana Lang, who is seems that he still holds a  torch for, all this time later, and who also still seems quite fond of Clark as well. When Superman foils Webster's plan he then decides to stop him and is able to work out what is Superman's weakness and exploit it by recreating some Kryptonite. Why didn't Luthor think of this, it would hace been so much easier for him. 

Superman is given this Kryptonite and it basically causes him to no longer give a shit so people don't get saved and things happen which Superman would normally do and he ends up getting drunk and splits into two the good superman and the bad superman and they have a quite exciting fight sequence in a junkyard, which is the most exciting sequence in the entire film if you ask me. 

The main problem with the film is that it is played more for laugh than any of the first twofilms were which I don't think works as well in these films. Another problem is the casting of Richard Pryor as Gus. Pryor is fine in the films and gives a good performance in the roleit just that to me he doesn't fit in this film and as a result I don't think that it works in the way that it should do, which I think difference casting would have helped. 

As I said the problem is not with Pryor himself, rather for the fact that they have shoehorned him into a film without thinking about whether it would really work or not. I can't really see the point into not having Lex in this film either as Ross Webster is such a thinly veiled Lex that it just feels like they had Lex originally and then just crossed out his name on the script and replaced it with Webster and thought that would do! Christopher Reeve was very good as was Annette O'Toole as Lana Lang and the majority of the stuff in Smallville waspretty good as well. 

Generally though Superman 3 was a bit of a missed opportuity for me when it could have been so much better and was, as a result, rather disappointing.