In the fourth Superman film, The Quest for Peace, we got a bit of a mish-mash of all the previous films. For one Lex Luthor was back after being completely ignored in the previous film. He was rescued by his nephew Lenny Luthor whilst out on prison duty with the most useless and feckless prison officers that you can imagine on duty that day with the sole purpose of destroying Superman which is sort of what you would imagine Lex Luthor stewing over all the time he was in prison.

You would have thought that as he had managed to escape before that they would have been a bit more careful with Lex in the future, but they don’t seem to have bothered judging by what happened at the start of this film.

Clark and Lois go to work to discover that the Daily Planet has been taken over and that the new owner has replaced Perry as editor with his daughter, Lacey who takes an immediate shine to Clark which is nice for Clark as Lois pretty much ignores him, but dotes over Superman, whereas Lacey only has eyes for Clark.

Lex and Lenny meanwhile break into a museum and steal a strand of Superman’s hair, which on display to show how strong it is, and prepares to create a nemesis for Superman who is equally as powerful as he is. This doesn’t go well for Lex as the creature that he creates Nuclear Man is very difficult for him to control.

Yes he has the powers of Superman and he is also radioactive but he is a pain in the arse. Naturally Superman gets very sick after fighting him, but it never seems to affect Lex or Lenny or anyone else apart from Superman come to think about it!

Superman IV is a good idea at heart and has a lot of great moments but it lacks the money and the ambition of the first two Superman films and that shows in some of the scenes, including the flying scenes and the battles between Superman and Nuclear Man which takes place on Earth and in outer space.

One of the most effective scenes in the whole films was where Lacey and Lois try to have a double date with Clark and Superman and poor old Clark has to keep disappearing and then reappearing as Superman and then Superman has to disappear for some reason and then return as Clark, which must have been bloody tiring for the man.

This film is also the shortest of all the Superman films which is a bit of a shame as in the most part it is a better film that Superman III. In an ideal world this would have had the budget of Superman III and it probably would have been a bit longer and a bit better but, even without that, it is still quite entertaining if a bit disappointing.