The Enemy Within

The Enterprise is orbiting the planet Alfa 177. On the surface a geological survey team is making a survey of the planet with Kirk and Sulu present. One of the technicians, Fisher, slips and injured himself and Kirk orders him back to the Enterprise. When Scotty tries to beam him back there is a minor teleport malfunction and he is able to get him at the second attempt. There he checks Fisher over, decontaminates him and send him to Doctor McCoy.

Kirk beams back on the Enterprise and the same problem happens again and again Kirk is got back at the second attempt. Kirk is a not himself so Scotty helps him out of the transporter room and leaves it unamanned as his assistant had popped out. When they were gone the transporter operated itself and a second Captain Kirk appeared, grinning maniacally.

Kirk 2 goes to sickbay where Fisher is being treated and demands Brandy from McCoy. McCoy gives him the brandy and Kirk 2 leaves sickbay swigging from the bottle like a drunk in the park. McCoy reports to Spock about the strange incident and Spock goes to the real Kirk’s quaters to ask him about it. Real Kirk tells him that he hasn’t been to sickbay and that McCoy is probably playing a trick on him.

Back in the transporter room Scotty works out what went wrong with the transporter and shows them that this animal that was transported has now gained a duplicate, but a rather nowty duplicate. He says that the transporters are working but that he wouldn’t want to bring up the landing party in case they all produced duplicates like the poor unfortunate animal.

Kirk 2 walks past the quarters of Yeoman Janice Rand and goes inside her quarters and hides. When she returns soon after he basically tries to rape her. They struggle and Rand manages to scratch his face. Fisher who is walking past Rand’s quarters sees what is happening and is attacked by Kirk 2, who goes to Real Kirk’s quarters.

When Real Kirk hears about this he speaks to Rand who is unable to look him in the eye. Rand tells her side of the story which Fisher corroborates. When Real Kirk categorically states that he didn’t attack Rand, Spock deduces that there must be a duplicate of the captain on board the ship.

Real Kirk tells Spock that he owes it to the crew to tell them what has happened but Spock tells him that he does that then the people will lose respect for him and he will not longer be the captain in their eyes. Real Kirk says that he realises that but had forgotten it momentarily. He tells Spock to make sure he tells him if he appears forgetful of his duties again.

Real Kirk does make an announcement which pisses of Kirk 2. When Real Kirk tells him that he can be identified by scratch marks on his face Kirk 2 finds some makeup and covers up the scratches. He then leaves and impersonates Real Kirk to get a phaser from one of the crew who he then knocks out.

Spock asks Real Kirk where he would go if he didn’t want to be found on the Enterprise and they go there to find the imposter. Kirk 2 is hiding and when he sees Spock and Real Kirk enter he prepares to make himself known.

Kirk and Spock split up and each search an area of engineering. Real Kirk is approached by Kirk 2 and tries to talk to him. Kirk 2 says that he doesn’t need Real Kirk and tries to shoot him with his phaser but Spock suddenly appears and knocks him out with the Vulcan nerve pinch but not before he fires at a transporter relay. Kirk 2 is taken to sickbay and restrained.

Scotty and Spock have a plan which involves the animal that had been split into two different creatures being sent back through the transporter to see if they can be reintegrated back together again. They have to use a hypospray to subdue the angry one but they manage to get them both on a transporter pad and they send both animals from the transporter pad and when they bring them back there is only one animal, but it is dead.

Real Kirk is told about this and has to make a decision whether or not to repeat the experiment with him and his alter ego. Real Kirk decides it is the only way to go but when he is about to take Kirk 2 to the transporter room Kirk 2 overpowers him and escapes from sickbay. He goes to the bridge where he pretends that he is the real Captain Kirk. Real Kirk also goes onto the bridge confusing the hell out of the crewmembers on the bridge but then he flips out and eventually collapses allowing them to take both Kirk’s to the transporter room where they manage to put the two halves of Kirk back together again.

The Enemy Within is a good episode for William Shatner as he gets the chance to play two different versions of Kirk. One calm and composed the other enraged, angry and horny.

The first place he goes to is the quarters of Janice Rand who is his Yeoman. Now would that really be the first place that Kirks libido would take him. I know that she is one of the few women on the ship who works closely with him but is she really the object of his lust that this episode makes her out to be?

I mean she is very pretty and all and has a nice bum, so maybe that was exactly why he would go there when you think about it as she as was junior officer and probably wouldn’t question what his intentions were. Add that to the fact that she fancies the arse of him and you can see why that would have happened.

Janice however proved to be less of a pushover than the evil Kirk imagined as when he did try to attack her, and basically what he was trying to do was rape her, she fought back and just about managed to fight him off.

It was luckily that Techncian Fisher was passing by her quarters at that moment as things could have been a lot worse if he hadn’t turned up. Quite what he was doing there at that time was not readily explained but perhaps he has a thing for Janice too and was just hanging around her quarters in the vain hope of getting a glimpse of her. You can’t blame him for that either.

That scene was the main talking point of the episode it has to be said as it was a rather shocking scene that seemed to have got past the censors without much difficulty, which suggests that this sort of thing is more acceptable than having a female second in command, or someone of colour, or someone with a different ethnicity, in an important position within the ship.

At its heart the episode was the Star Trek version of Jekyll and Hyde with the attributes of the other Kirk i.e the anger, the ruthlessness and the callousness are as important to Kirk’s makeup as his humanity and his intellect and his reasoning as, when shorn of the other attributes, he isn’t able to make command decisions, or, it would appear, any decisions of any kind whatsoever. At this point it looked like he couldn’t even decide if he wanted a cup of tea or not.

What it did show is that Kirk is capable of doing really horrible, and terrible, things but that he has his other side of his nature which stops these from happening and keeps everything on an even keel.

This is apparently required for Starship Captains, which is probably why genuinely nice guys do not make good Captain’s and that a streak of ruthlessness is required for the job, which is why Kirk is such a good Captain and a leader, as he has these qualities in abundance, but is not a monster.

William Shatner was very good in this episode and he did a good job in making the two Kirk’s very different indeed so that you knew which Kirk that you were watching in the episode even when they were wearing the same costume.