Another series of the Apprentice has arrived and this time Claude Littner is in the place of Nick Hewer, which should be an interesting addition to the series. Before the first task Lord Sugar tells three of the girls Selina, Charleine and Natalie to join the boys team and Brett, Dan to join the girls team to start with. Selina was chosen as the project manager for the boys team who christened themselves Versatile and April was the project manager for the girls who called themselves Connexus

The boys team name themselves Versatile although Joseph does seriously suggest Sugarbabes as an option, but the others ignore him, probably for the best in the long run. Perhaps it is the fact that he looks like a wartime spiv! Selina managed to become the project manager of Versatile by speaking up and putting her foot right in it.

Versatile decide to go for fish cakes and a tuna salad. Ruth suggests Lobster which is pretty much ignored. The other team go for the haute cuisine that is fish finger sandwiches.

When it comes down to the actual selling of the stuff the fish finger sandwiches are flying of the shelves whilst the other team are still in the kitchen arguing about the size of the fishcakes.

When they finally get around to leaving the kitchen they realise that is past luchtime and no one wants to take them on

Highlights include one of the candidates trying to sell fish to a vegetarian restaurant and charging £9 for a tuna salad, which is expensive even by London prices and also Connexus managing to allow a load of Calamari to go off.

When it came down to the boardroom Versatile won the day by coming in with a £200.29 profit.

Project manager April brings back Brett and Dan with her into the boardroom. April took absolutely none of the blame for the failure of the task, Brett also claimed no responsibliity either for the failure of the task so poor Dan was the one who got the boot mostly because he failed to sell anything during the day and also because he wasn’t as good as dragging himself out of the shit as the other two were.

Dan was probably a bit too nice to get very far in this process.