This week the teams were tasked with branding and advertising a new shampoo using the cactus as its main ingredient by creating a short advert and something for the big advertising screens.

The teams go back to boys vs girls and in the girls team Charleine, who owns a salon, pitched for the project managers position. Aisha, who owns an hair extension company, also pitched in for the job. They all decided that Aisha was the best person for the job despite all of Charleine’s protestations that this was about hair and that therefore she knew all about it but to no avail as Asiha was voted in.

Richard is voted the project manager for this task for the boys team because he claims that he is the greatest person that there is in the process and that they will absolutely, definitely win the task with him in charge.

The girls team decide that they were going to go for the older market for their shampoo or the grey pound as it is apparently called. The boys just go for the young male market as that is what they know about, well they are all men and they are all young so I supposes that makes them experts in the field. Perhaps not Brett though who is a bit of a slaphead.

For the boys one of the names suggested was Manly Moist which just sounds wrong on virtually every level possible! They end up going for the name Western as cactus’ come from the desert and that was the main ingredient. The girls call theirs Desert Secret so they have also opted for a similar theme to the boys.

The girls decide to pick a younger model to advertise their product as all older women think they are younger, or want to be younger more likely and in the end Ruth steps in as she is closer to the products age group than any of the models or the other candidates come to think about it. They shoot a video of Ruth slowly turning around like she is in a microwave oven turning around with her finger pressed against her lips, perhaps she was channelling her inner Monkey at that point.

When it comes down to the pitching Charleine and Natalie are given the task of leading the pitch to the industry experts handpicked by Lord Sugar for their expert opinion. Richard, naturally leads the pitch for the boys team. Neither pitches go great to be honest with Natalie talking in a total monotone throughout her pitch and pausing more often than a Harold pinter play but they think that they have nailed it and will absolutely definitely win the task.

Team Versatile won not on the basis that they did a much better job than Connexus but more that they got better marks than the team did by the experts and also because they stuck closet to the brief that Lord Sugar has set out for them.

Aisha chose to bring back Vana and Natalie back into the boardrom with her. Natalie for cocking up the pitch (which she did do) and I am not sure why she bought back Vana to be honest and Lord Sugar was unsure about that as well. Somehow Natalie managed to talk herself into staying as did Vana who was never going to fired for this task as she really didn’t do anything so wrong so righly the Aisha, as the project manager, therefore responsible for losing the task got the boot.