This weeks tasks was one of the classic Apprentice tasks where the teams are given as list of items to procure and bring back to the boardroom within a certain time and the team who got the best prices for the items would win and the team who didn’t would lose.

There was also a fine for missing items. Items included an inflatable dinghy, a four pronged anchor, some manure, a Louis-Philippe mirror, leavers lace(?), crystal flutes, cheese, snails.

Elle and Vana both put their names forward to lead the project for Connexus, with Vana winning hands down. Vana then did herself no favours by telling the rest of the girls not to be catty with each other, in a rather catty way it has to be said.

It is quickly decided that plumber Joseph (he of the spiv moustache) is the best person to lead this task for Versatile. I reckon that Richard or Scott would equally have wanted to have led this team as the are both the best people in the process, as they are oft heard to say at great length.

This time the teams were split into two with one sub team in Dover and the other sub team over the channel at Calais. Luckily both teams had members who could speak French, or at least claimed that they could speak French, so it would be a piece of piss wouldn’t it.

They also decided that it would be easier to get some of items in France and some of them in the UK but that soon went out of the window as both teams were all eager to get as much stuff as they could from wherever they could find it.

For instance you would have thought that it would have been easier to get snails in France, but only one of the teams worked that out and the mirror which was French making that an obvious place to look for one

The manure they decided would come from England. Why? Don’t they have manure in France? Irrespective of this both teams did well in getting the stuff from farms for zilch even if all of them bar Brett kept on moaning about it, whereas he seemed to quite enjoy it. I am not sure that that is necessarily a good thing though.

With the boat Gary decides to for broke and buys an inflatable one for about a tenner than then attempts to bask in this superiority due to getting such a bargain. Elle actually bought a proper full size dinghy but for a hell of a lot more dough.

In the boardroom Versatile win resoundingly spending less money on their items than Connexus (the boat mostly). The girls then all turn on each other in the cafe of broken dreams blaming each other and claiming that they were the best member of the team and also the best candidate in the process to boot.

Vana chose to bring back Jenny and Elle into the boardroom, and it was Jenny who was fire for not buying anything on the task and also for staying in the background since the first week, which was a good and point and the fact that this was a buying task and she bought precisely nothing so she was the right person to be sacked out of the three who were taken back to the boardroom even though Vana could ultimately have been held responsible for the failure of the task and Elle who’s choice in buying the boat at full price cost them dearly, but they both did actually by something, which was the purpose of the task at the end of the day.