This week was all about pets and making shit loads of money out of people who like to treat their pets. Both teams were given a whole load of products some high ticket and some not so high ticket to try and hawk during The London Pet Show at the Excel centre.

For Connexus Scott reckons he should be project manager because he has a dog which obviously makes him an expert in selling pet stuff to people with pets as he has that expert knowledge of the market that none of the others have.

David ended up being the project manager for Versatile. He didn’t have a dog, but he was really really excited and I reckoin they just gave it to him because he would have sulked if he hadn’t and he had the appearance of a very active and happy puppy so I guess they thought that he would be most appropiate candidate for the job.

The products the teams had to choose from by schmoozing the vendors included a hi-vis jacket for chickens, presumably to help them cross the road safely. There is also t-shirts with the faces of animals printed on them (which David absolutely loved and wasn’t backwards in coming forwards to tell the vendor that). There was also eco-friendly poo bags, animal shaped balloons, seat warmers for cats that you place in the microwave (the seat warmers not the cats this is not Hale and Pace) and a electronic LED cat toy (which looked pretty cool if you ask me).

The high ticket items included a sofa for dogs, a sort of play tower for cats which were apparently very desirable, overly expensive rabbit hutches (The Dorchester for Rabbits I assume) and thatched house for hens.

Scott decides that he really wants the balloons but his plan is nixed when the vendor decide to go for the other team instead as they were much more passionate about them, and then he pretends that he never wanted them in the first place and ended up with the cat towers and the led cat toy as well as microwave heat pads (not microwavable cats).

David was overjoyed the got the balloons, and who can blame him as they were very cute and would most definitely sell even if they were only a fiver each and were not likely to make them much money but he also got the Dog sofas which were more likely to make them money as long as they could shift them, and Richard assured him that he could sell loads of them.

On the day both teams tried to sell as much as they could but poor old Ruth managed to sell absolutely nothing, which is not good when she actually trains sales people in her day job, perhaps she is in the wrong job?

Richard, who believes that he could sell sand to the arabs managed to sell three of the dog sofas with April and Charleine selling one each so not quite the amount that he promised David, but sales nontheless.

Scott who also thinks he is the best salesman on the planet also sold three of the cat towers. Selina sold one (although Scott did have to help her out so really thats four for Scott and only none for Selina.

This meant that Scott’s Connexus made a total of £3028.40 with David’s Versatile making a total of £4051.62 a rather comfortable winning margin, it has to be said.

Poor old Ruth came in for a bruising in the boardroom as a sales person who didn’t sell would expect to and it was no suprise that Scott took her back into the boardroom by Scott, who took no blame for the failure of the task at all, alongside Selina, who only really manged to half sell one item, so not much beter than Ruth if you are being honest. Scott spend the whole time in the boardroom using both Ruth and Selina as human shields against Lord Sugar’s barrage and came out unscathed as a result. Due to her poor performance Ruth was sumarrily fired and Selina managed to get out by the skin of her teeth.