Having finally decided that I needed to lose some weight this year I decided to finally do something about it. Last year I did try doing some weight loss management but that soon went out of the window and I went back to my usual ways.

A friend of mine told me about Slimming World and how she lost around 2 stone in a few months and told me all about the principles behind it and it sort of made sense to me so I decided that I might give a go for myself.

On August 17th 2015 I went to my first Slimming World meeting and got weighed in for the first time in years and realised that I have quite a way to go but am determined to do this.

I took the books home and talked it through with the wife who was going to do the whole slimming world thing with me but didn’t want to join the group.

My brother in law also decided that he wanted to try it so I did not weight in again for 12 days so my first actual weigh in was my third week after starting which, for illustrative purposes, will be called Week 2 on this blog.

Week 2
On my first weigh in I lost 7 and half pounds which really shocked me. I also got my half stone certificate.

Week 3
Another 7.5 lbs off. Got my stone certificate.

Week 4
4.5 lbs off this week.

Week 5
4.5 lbs off this week

Week 6
5.5 lbs of this week

Week 7
2 lbs of this week

Week 8
4.5 lbs off this week

Week 10
1 lb of this week

Week 11
3.5 lbs off this time

Week 12
2.5 lbs off this time

Week 13
3 lbs off this time.

Week 14
2.5 lbs off this time