The task for week six of the apprentice saw both teams start their very own handyman business where they would offer to do all sorts of odd jobs for cash, a bit like bob a job week but with more emphasis on price than actually doing a good job for little reward.

Elle and Brett were given the project managers job for this week with both of them having experience of this. Elle’s Versatile spent so long deciding what they were going to offer that they totally missed the deadline for their flyers so they had to start without any publicity material at all, which isn’t a great start for Team Elle. Brett’s Connexus had no such problems in getting their flyers to print.

Mergim who was given the sub-team leader role for Versatile decided to make his own leaflets by scrawling on a piece of paper and putting it in a shop window which the rest of the team did not agree with at all.

Lord Sugar laid on two potential jobs for the teams and both of them had to tender for the job. One was a theatre that needed a costume room revamp and the other was a non-league football ground that needed tidying up.

Brett confidently measured up the costume room and told them exactly what he was going to do and exactly how much it was going to cost and that it would be professional and done properly which they seemed to like.

At the football club David plucked a figure out of the air for the job and thought that he had done a good job, although the look on the blokes face said a lot really about what he thought of David’s offer. Brett offered £20 less for the football club job and David’s team made quite a good pitch to the theatre for the dressing room gig.

Both team’s sub teams went out to tout for business with Versatile’s sub team headed by Mergim cleaning windows after he nearly destroyed a shops shelving by trying to screw in a nail.

Connexus sub team decided that anything goes even convincing a customer that they would landscape her garden, and turn it into a miniature Kew gardens in a matter of hours, which although unbelievable, she totally buys into.

In the end the theatre job went to Versatile and the football ground to Connexus so half of the teams decamped to their jobs whilst the rest of the teams were wandering around London doing whatever they could for cash.

Despite not having a clue what they were doing Versatile did a good job with the theatre dressing room but only thanks to Joseph whom Elle let take over the task as he was the only one out of the lot of them who seemed to have an idea what he was doing and even though the rest of the team kept making mistakes he was able to make sure that the job was done on time and to a decent standard.

Brett ran his team like drill sergeant but as he had Selina and Sam with him who didn’t want to get their hands dirty one bit he was always going to have trouble getting them to actually graft and in the end he didn’t manage to complete the job to the specifications that he told the client they would be which didn’t please him at all. In the end he lost money on the job as the client refused to pay the going rate as the job which was fair enough when it was a bodged job.

In the boardroom it was clear that both teams cocked up with Mergim managing to not only destroy some shelves but also paint over someone’s sign, David for getting his measurements completely wrong, Elle for failing to meet the deadline for the flyers. In the end virtually everyone was blocked for something or other with few of them apart from Joseph coming out of this unscathed. Due to Joseph Connexus made a profit of £1,050.08 to Versatile’s £530.01.

Then all hell broke loose in the boardroom with Elle being totally whitewashed for being total incompetent as a project manager and was fired even before she got to chose who to take back in the boardroom with her. Poor Mergim was then made the defacto project manager and chose to bring back April and David into the boardroom with him.

Mergim didn’t last much longer in the process than Elle with Lord Sugar telling him that he just couldn’t see him working with him. April followed him soon after for not being very pro-active in the process so far, which she did not agree with but to no avail.

I bet David thought that he would fired at that point but, luckily for him, he was sent back to the house, much to the shock of the other candidates who were all given pause for thought by that days boardroom antics.