The task for this week was to buy loads of stock to sell in a pop-up discount store in Manchester and then buy more of what was selling best in order to maximise profit.

The teams were rebalanced again after the bloodbath the previous week. Gary was elected project manager of Versatile due to the fact that he works in retail and knows it back to front (and nothing else). Scott became project manager of Connexus.

Both teams brainstormed ideas of what they should sell in their discount store and then went to buy as much stock as cheaply as they could which they could then sell for as much as they could get away with.

Connexus decided to concentrate on electronics even though not one of the team said that was what they would go into a discount store for, which Selina made a point of mentioning on more than one occasion. Versatile were rather more, er, versatile in their products choices.

Connexus did pretty well in sales on the first day (well apart from Sam), which made them quite cocky when it came to the following day in the pop-up stores. Versatile sold well in general as well so it bode well for both teams for the following day.

On day 2 Gary decided that they would charge as much as they could for their branded items despite the fact that they were right near to a well known pound shop. Richard tried to entice people into Connexus’ store by accosting them and pretending to be an ice skater for reasons that were only apparent to him as that wouldn’t make me want to pop into a discount store, rather it would make want to run as far away from them as possible, but that is just me.

In Connexus all team members were arguing with each other about who should be allowed to be part of the sales team as it might hinder their place in the process. Sam wasn’t really able to sell much of anything on the second day whereas the others did much better than him, which did him no favours at all.

Gary, eventually decided to lower his prices and his stock slowly depleted but he left it until the last moment to restocking meaning that they spent valuable time waiting for the stock to arrive when they could have been making profit. This was noted by his team members should they happen to lose the task.  Connexus, however, made sure that they restocked early so they that were able to sell more stuff to make more money.

In the boardroom Versatile cruised to victory and Connexus were left stunned. Scott who couldn’t believe that he lost again threw his toys out of his pram and blamed everybody else for the failure of the task but himself.

He decided to bring back Brett and Sam into the boardroom and then said that Brett had threatened to kick his head in, which he hadn’t, although you wouldn’t have blamed him if he had. He accused Sam of not having a proper business plan, and that he didn’t know what he was there for in the first place, which smacks of desperation to me.

In the end Sam was fired mostly because of his repeated failures with figures, which really irked Lord Sugar. Scott then totally blanked Sam afterwards proving that he is just as out for himself as he criticised everyone else in the team for being earlier in the boardroom.