Doctor Who : Before the Flood

Before the Flood had a lot to live up to with its cliffhanger which the majority of the audience didn’t see coming and the question throughout the episode was how in the hell are they going to get out of it, as it seemed such a final end, especially for some!

This episode was primarily set before the flood in the same location as where the mining ship was but before the catastrophic events which caused the flood in the first place.

Some of the remaining survivors were with the Doctor with a couple of them stayed on the mining ship with Clara so as to split the action up a bit from the first episode which was all set in the same place. This did give the episode a bit of a different feel from the first but it worked and for once the Doctor and Clara’s mobile phones were used in way that was required for the plot.

We learned a bit more about one of the ghostly characters from the first episode including the peaceful alien who was actually alive for the majority of this episode but we don’t really find out that much about him and he actually has very little to do in the episode itself.

The Fisher King was quite an impressive alien creature and was very tall and very menacing looking but didn’t manage to frighten the Doctor one little bit, but as the Doctor isn’t easily scared then perhaps this isn’t that surprising. After all if you had lived for more than two thousand years and been through the stuff that the Doctor had and some of the things that he had done then a huge, seven foot tall spiky headed monster probably would make you raise an eyebrow.

After all of the tension in the first episode and for a lot of the second episode I wasn’t overly enamoured by the conclusion of the story if I am being honest and isn’t really the conclusion that the build up we had up until near the end of the second episode deserved, as it was rather anticlimactic.

Sadly, that is often the case when they have to finish it and can’t really keep up the quality right up until the end and this story certainly fits into that category unfortunately but it did zip along at a good pace and there were some good character moments.

Peter Capaldi was as excellent as ever as the Doctor, as was Sophie Stone as Cass, who would most definitely make an excellent companion and give the character an interesting dynamic.

I was quite disappointed with this episode on its own but, as a two part story, it worked rather and well and is most definitely more than the sum of its parts.