The Girl Who Died had a very exciting pre-title sequence where Clara was in a space suit seemingly falling through space with some sort of spider in her suit crawling up her body. The Doctor, showing off was able to materialise the TARDIS around her before the spider got into her helmet, ripped it off her and then stamped on the spider untill it was dead and then set the controls to somewhere else.

This has nothing at all to do with the story but it was an interesting addition to the series which does seem peculiar to this series and shows that they are having other, rather exiciting adventures which the fans can consider until they are blue in the face, and they will as well.

When the TARDIS lands the Doctor goes outside to wipe the swatted spider off his shoes and they are surrounded by a group of Vikings with very sharp swords who don’t seem pleased to see them at all.

They get taken in chains to their village encampment where the Doctor spots a young women in the crowd who makes him do a double take but he can’t quite work out why.

When they get to the village the Doctor frees himself from his bonds and tries to mesmerise the vikings into thinking that he is Odin but then there is a loud crack of thunder and a giant face appears in the skys saying that he is Odin, which steals the Doctor’s thunder, which he is mightily pissed off by as nobody steals the Doctor’s thunder when he is in charge, especially not this incarnation as well.

Then futuristic robots appear out of thin air and steal all of the strongest and youngest men from the village as well as Clara and Ashildir, the young women that made the Doctor double take, to what they call Valhalla.

It turns out that Valhalla is an alien spacecraft and that the people taken to there are mushed up and turned into food for the alien race. Clara and Ashildir manage to escape from certain death and confront Odin.

Ashildir tells Odin that she is a Viking and that she will make sure that her people kill him for what he has done to her poeple. Odin send her back and tells her that he will be back in a few days and that they will do battle to the death.

When the Doctor finds this out he is not a happy bunny at all as Ashildir has taken on a war mongering race who are much stronger than they are and will probably kill them to death as easily as breathing but Clara talks him around.

It does seem that Clara does appear to have this incarnation of the Doctor wrapped around her little finger as if he really thought that she was dead and the he probably would have buggered off and left them but in the back of his mind he must have thought that she wasn’t dead and would be back, which was why he ultimately stayed there as otherwise there wouldn’t have been much of a reason for him to say there.

The rest of the episode sees the Doctor try and make the remaining villagers into a crack fighting team with problems such as people fainting at the sight of blood before the aliens turn up with all guns blazing.

The conclusion of the story is very inventive and there is a really funny gag with the Benny Hill theme tune, which just has to been seen to be believed.

The story doesn’t end well for Ashildir it has to be said but then the Doctor does something a little bit strange and puts some sort of device on her head which revives her, but which might make her rather immortal, which probably wasn’t what the Doctor had in mind in the first place, and might not be better for Ashildir in the long run either.

I think it has to be said that this incarnation of the Doctor will do abolutely anything for Clara and it makes you wonder how far he would ultimately go for her.