The Doctor got the surprise of his life in this adventure when he ran into Ashildir again in this adventure set in England centuries later. Now Ashildir is living in a large country house and is also a notorious highwayman, which is how her and the Doctor meet at the start of the episode. Clara is notorious for her absence in this episode as she doesn’t appear until the very end and has no part to play at all in the episode itself but it does have to be said that she isn’t missed either!

Ashildir is rather different from the person we met in the previous episode and she no longer refers to herself as Ashlidir and prefers to be known as Me. We also learn about her life since the Doctor bought her back from death and it has to be said that it hasn’t been a fun ride for her throughout history and that it probably isn’t surprising that she is a bit of a cold fish and seemingly unfeeling as everybody she know dies and she is left behind again and again.

The stories of Me’s life since the last time we saw her are the most interesting parts of this episode and someone of them are rather heartbreaking. Me isn’t the only highwayman in the story as guest star Rufus Hound plays a rival highwayman who is also a bit of a stand-up on the side. Hound is a lot of fun in this episode and is clearly having a whale of time playing the role which adds to his portrayal.

The alien threat in the episode was a new one but was not that interesting as the episode was more about the consequences of the Doctor’s actions in the previous episode and also about the nature of immortality and what a burden it is than the alien sub plot.

This is not the best of episodes, but neither is it the worst of episode either, it is just sort of meh, sort of ok, but not one that would you watch over and over again, apart from as a rewatch of the entire series.