1799_zpsmubjhyqxThe eighth task this year involved throwing birthday parties for two children. Gary and Selina were the project managers for this task as Gary wants to run a business running events. and Selina does this sort of stuff for a living, so it was a given that she became the project manager of this task.

Selina’s Connexus has the job of running a party for a teenage girl and at the meeting with the child herself and the mother Selina pretty much didn’t let either of them get a word in edgeways and even worse she forget to take their details down so that she could contact them with any queries.

Gary’s Versatile had the job of running a party for a pre-teen boy who’s mother had a very severe nut allergy and it was made abundantly clear on numerous occasions that this was the case.

As both parents had shelled out £2000 for the party they were very keen that they got their money’s worth out of them so both of them were very adamant about what they thought was worth the money, which wasn’t always what the candidates thought, but as they don’t really live in the real world, that wasn’t that surprising.

Connexus decided on a sports themed activity for their client as she had mentioned that she was rather sporty, but wasn’t given the chance to say if all of her friends were sport either.

Richard was scrooge-like with the finances making sure that they spent the least amount of money that they could get away with so there were no fripperies for this girls party and a barbecue for their meal, as who doesn’t love a barbecue and as for Richard it dirt cheap and therefore better for them. Sod the client then.

Versatile decided on an outdoor activity theme for their client, some party bags with goodies in and a souvenir tee-shirt as well as a giant cake. They also decided to be frugal with the finances but not to the degree of Richard.

There was almost a disaster as the cake making team for Versatile almost put a product containing nuts into the cake which meant that the young lad’s parents didn’t trust them as they thought that they were going to kill them.

The girls seemed to enjoy their party as they were actually allowed to have fun, like children want to do, but the lads were basically told that they had to be very careful and that there were dangers around every corner on this day out as though they were on a corporate day out and they were frightened of having their arses sued off. They didn’t seem as concerned about the fact that they might poison the lads mother though as that one of them might get a splinter in their finger!

Somehow David managed to fuck up the t-shirts and even though they tried to persuade the father to pay for it he didn’t seem keen at all. They also decided to put the cheapest possible toys, probably from the previous task discount store, in the children’s party bags, obviously assuming that kids like cheap tat. It then wasn’t surprising that neither the kids or the parents were that impressed either.

Selina’s party seemed to go buy without much if a hitch as the kids enjoyed themselves and they got fed eventually and they didn’t almost poison anybody which is always a plus.

In the boardroom after the event Connexus won the day by making almost double the profit that Versatile made which considering that they didn’t almost kill someone and pretty much gave the the party the girl was well deserved. Richard of course took full credit for the winning of the task due to his miserliness and Selina thought that the sun shined out of her own arse after her performance in the task but out of the two of them I think that Richard won the smug off. Nobody could beat Richard in a smug off.

All four members of Versatile were bought back into the boardroom despite Charleine getting up to leave after her name wasn’t mention by Gary as one of the people he was bringing back before being told not to be so presumptuous by Lord Sugar and then decided that she would also come back into the boardroom which much have pleased the other three a bit as they had someone else to blame to save their own skin.

They all fought their corner admirably and whilst Gary could easily have been fired for doing a crap job it was David who was fired this time, which did seem a bit harsh when Gary managed to fail a task doing the same thing that he wants Lord Sugar to back him to do, but then what do I know?