Property was the name of the game for this weeks episode of The Apprentice, the selling of it, not just like an episode of Homes under the Hammer.

Of course all of the candidates were perfectly suited to this task and it was the chance to make very large sales to people who obviously have more money than sense and can afford to buy a house with money out of their back pocket.

It was just any old two-up-two-down properties that that they were given to flog either but high end properties which can cost up to 1.5m and affordable flats which I don’t think have been correctly names as they are valued at £320k and over which isn’t affordable in my book, but is considered to be affordable by the producers of the Apprentice who clearly think that the sort of people who watch The Apprentice are business people with six figure salaries. If that is the case then what the fuck am I doing watching the show.

To even out of the teams Lord Sugar dices with death by moving Charleine over to Versatile where her mortal enemy Selina is also. Perhaps he hoped that they would rip each other to shreds so that he didn’t have to?

Naturally Richard headed up Connexus as he is the best person there and the only person who can lead the team to victory as he hasn’t lost a task yet.

Half of each team pitch for one of the high end properties and the other half pitch for the ‘affordable’ flats. Joseph teams up with Selina to split the two girls up whilst Gary works with Charleine for Versatile . Richard teams up with Vana and Brett with Scott for Connexus.

In their first appointment at Canary Wharf for the high-end properties Joseph immediately asks if they can up their commission if they sell one of the properties which does not endear them to the owner whereas Vana gushes about everything and mentions that her parents are architects and that she knows about this sort of shit which works much better.

Both team wanted to sell this particular apartment complex mainly because of the cost and prestige of selling a property worth one and a half mill. so there were no prizes for guessing who got that one. Selina doesn’t understand why they didn’t pick her when she was ever so enthusiastic about the whole thing. The audience on the other hand were not!

In the end both teams did get a high end property to sell but in the case of Versatile not the one they would have liked but it was Vana’s enthusiasm that won the day in the end with Selina being less than enthusiastic by comparison.

In Versatile both Selina and Charleine wanted to sell the high end properties with Joseph opting to take Selina with him although in the end he would have been better of taking Charleine who would have at least smiled a bit during the whole process and probably would have managed to make a sale.

In the end this proved to not be an advantage as the pricey property was difficult to sell until two blokes walked out of a rolls royce and into their apartment block agreeing to buy it on the say so of Vana, who I am guessing they must have fancied as they decided to buy it there and then.

I don’t think that it was anything to do with Richard as Vana did all of the good work and the sale would have happened with or without Richard.

Scott totally lost the plot in this episode and when he was showing a potential client around a flat he got totally mixed up with the layout of the property and told them that the large windows were perfect for letting the sun in through the day and night.

Charleine and Gary were very persistent with their property and even resorted to going out on the streets to ask if anyone wanted buy a property which is probably frowned upon in estate agent circles but so obsessed was she with making a sale that she wouldn’t let anything stop her.

Selina failed to sell anybody anything but Joseph helped her out to finish one sale which she was very angry about, saying that Joseph was trying to undermine her and not let her finish the sale, rather than the fact that if Joseph hadn’t jumped in then the sale would have vanished tout suite.

It was not a surprise that Connexus won the task by a country mile after the sale at the end of the episode for a cool one a half million pounds but it was a surprise when Scott elected to leave the process even though he was on the winning team.

To be honest he hadn’t seemed happy for the last few episodes and this week he had nightmare so perhaps he decided that he would rather walk than be fired.

I bet the losing team thought that they were safe when Scott walked but Lord Sugar had other ideas and still had Joseph bring in two people into the boardroom with him. He picked Gary and Selina. Charleine had actually sold something so he couldn’t really have bought her in for that and there was only Gary and Selina left.

Selina whinged and whinged about how unfair it was that she was bought in when she was clearly the best thing about the show and I think Lord Sugar fired her just to get her to shut the fuck up.

For this task alone he made the right decision as Selina was very poor in this task. Having said that he could just as easily get rid of Joseph or Gary as Selina which was probably what she thought when she was sat in the waiting room after being fired.