For the six remaining candidates there was one final task to get the final five for the interview process the following week. The teams task this week was to create a healthy snack and then pitch them to big retailers to try and see if they could persuade them to make orders.

Charleine and Brett took the mantle of project manager for this task. Charleine’s Versatile went for the snack bar options whereas Connexus went for a healthy variant of crisps, which as we all know are very healthy indeed.
Charleine decided that she would actually create the snack bar with Gary and Joseph heading up the marketing team.

Richard offered to single handedly deal with the marketing as that was what he did and he works better in a team of one, with Brett and Vana making the product itself. I guess this would prove if two heads are indeed better than one when it comes to making healthy snacks.

Versatile spoke to an expert on super foods (which I suppose it what Superman and Supergirl eat) and chose baobab, acai berries and maca to use in their snack bar. No I don’t know what they are either, and I don’t think any of the candidates did either, and probably most of the audience. Connexus went for the simple of option of just slicing up vegetables to use as crisps and making the product speak for itself by effectively just dehydrating them so that they lost none of their initial goodness.

Charleine decided that it would be a good idea to not write down what she adding to the mixture and just chuck a load of stuff into a bowl and see how it worked out. This didn’t help Gary and Joseph when it came to listing the ingredients for the packaging as all they got was Charleine shouting random words at high speed at them and little else. They just decided to write down what they heard and make the rest of it up, as, I can only assume, they thought that nobody would check on their claims.

Brett was as meticulous as usual in making sure that the specifications were followed to the letter but Vana decided to ignore Brett and do what she thought was right which basically meant using a bit more oil than was strictly necessary, which meant that the healthy snacks had more oil in than a middle eastern state. In fact they had so much the USA were thinking about invading them.

Richard did, as Richard tends to do, what he thought was best with as little input from Vana and Brett as he could get away with. He was certainly in his element but I am not sure that he really knew, or gave a shit about, what Vana and Brett were actually producing. In fact he was probably going to leave that until the boardroom in case they fucked up so he could dodge the blame and lay it all in their court.

The following day didn’t start well for Versatile who had to cross out a claim on their packaging and this made them look rather amateurish when it came down to the pitches. Connexus pitches weren’t much better either especially with all that oil. Brett and Vana realised that one of the major plus points of their snacks was not on the packaging and Richard claimed that he didn’t know anything about it. This didn’t go unnoticed by the experts either.

Neither team covered themselves in glory in this task as neither teams amassed any orders from any of the high street chains which meant that both teams were losers on that day. Each project manager had to bring a fellow team member back into the boardroom with them.

Charleine bought Gary back in with her leaving Joseph getting away scott free whilst Brett bought Richard back in with him even though it was Vana who was the reason the crisps were so soggy with oil.

Richard who was probably shocked for actually being in the boardroom for the first time took no blame for the failure of the task, and it seemed that Brett didn’t blame him either and basically fell on his sword. Very honourable of him and all that but Richard was a very lucky boy indeed.

It almost proved to much for Charleine who had to leave the boardroom for a moment to compose herself but came back in and fought her corner like a tiger. Gary managed to get away with it as well and it was Brett who was fired.

I guess that it was unlikely that Brett was ever going to win the thing and I guess that he probably got lucky getting as far as he did, but I would still have loved it if Richard went. Just imagine his face.

It turns out that two heads are not better than one.