The final five (Charleine, Joseph, Gary, Vana, Richard) had nowhere to hid in this episode as their CVs and business plans were scrutinised, pulled apart and scattered like confetti over their heads by some of Lord Sugar’s trusted advisors : Claudine Collins ; Mike Soutar; Linda Plant and Claude Littner.

Charleine’s business plan was to build up a hair salon franchise that would be bigger than Toni & Guy despite the fact that at the moment she only owns one Salon in Plymouth and that she is only known in the Plymouth area. However this was no deterrent to her as she truly believed that she would be able to make it work and none of the advisors thought that she she wouldn’t have a good go at it but they all agreed that it wasn’t really feasible or realistic for her to do what she was stating in her business plan. She could probably have a string of salons in the Plymouth area where at least she is known and respected, but certainly not globally which is where she wants to be.

Joseph also wanted create a franchise in the gas plumbing business where he currently works which he is told in no certain terms by the advisors that is unlikely to work even if he is known in the plumbing business and does know his way around a U-bend as he doesn’t have the experience to run such an undertaking but that he does have a great deal of potential and does know the business like the back of his hand.

Gary wants to run a global entertainment and event planning company where people can attend parties virtually even if they are on the other side of the world and also the best discos that money can buy (about £300 a pop if you are interested) but none of them think that he is the sort of happy go lucky sort of guy that you would want to run a party or an event for you and is never going to be able to shake his corporate image which he has spent the last 11 weeks trying to rid himself off without success. It seems that you take take a man out of the corporation but not the corporation out of the man.

Vana wants to make an app that mixes dating with gaming to out Tinder Tinder which she knows an awful lot about and is sure is going to make a good return on Lord Sugar’s business even though she admits that she could run out of money in six months if the revenue doesn’t start coming in sharpish. Surely an attractive, intelligent women like her doesn’t need to use a dating app to meet men.

Nobody but Richard understands what Richard’s business plan is all about. It certainly isn’t about mountaineering when he talks about base camps and reaching the summit. Perhaps he should have had a mountaineering business instead, at least the bollocks he was spouting would have made some sense in that context.

When the candidates return to the boardroom and after a quick chat with his advisors Lord Sugar is ready to give his opinions on what he thought of the business plans.

Charleine is fired first because the didn’t believe that her business was viable only due to the fact that she isn’t a name in the hairdressing industry and that she was better of growing her own little empire before trying to take on the big salon brands, which she simply wasn’t perceived as capable of doing so at that point.

Gary is fired next mostly because he is perceived as too corporate to work with Lord Sugar and also because they don’t think that he is likely to make Lord Sugar the return on his investment, which was the main reason that he was fired.

That left Richard, Joseph and Vana. Lord Sugar wasn’t quite convinced that Vana would be able to make a profit for him with this business given how long it took other similar ideas to make money and also because he thinks that the money won’t be enough for her plans, even if Vana thinks that she can do the lot for about 50p and a bag of grapes.

Joseph on the other hand impressed Lord Sugar with his straight talking and use of simple concepts and ideas that he got right away and solid business plan that could be really big, and he was the first to be put through to the final.

Richard was found out to be touting a business exactly the same as the one he currently runs and that he isn’t willing to focus entirely on the new business he is proposing. Also there it the fact that he is as slippery and a eel and is known as Tricky Dickey within the process.

Despite him then saying that he would devote himself to the new business the damage had been done and he was fired leaving a delighted Joseph and Vana to battle royale in the final.