The fifth series of Death In Paradise kicks off with a murder mystery where a man was found dead on a boat which was part of a scientific expedition to explore the corals off the island.

There were four other people on the boat who all maintained that they saw him alive before they all dived and then found him dead when they came back to the surface. They later found out that there were no other boats nearby so that the only possible people who could have done the deed was either the victim himself, or the other crew members despite their apparent airtight alibis.

Of course, when the team looked into the backgrounds of the other people the majority of them had a possible motive so any of them could have been the murderer and in the end the conclusion was not what I expected but, then again, it never is in this programme, and they always come up with new and ingenious reasons for why the murderer did what they did, some of them making sense, and others making no sense whatsoever. In the case of this one it was a bit of both I would say.

Humph gets himself a boat in this episode. He said it was a yacht, but I think calling it that would break the trade descriptions act but it appears that is just to give himself something to do to take his mind of the fact that he fancies the arse of Florence, and she doesn’t seem to notice!

We also learn that JP cannot swim which is a bit odd considering that he was born and bought up on the island. Dwayne was funny in the episode telling JP that he shouldn’t show any weaknesses even if he does have them. Dwayne for instance reveals that he used to be afraid of the dark but is now over it, despite getting a bit jittery when he and JP were locked in a storage unit.

The mystery kept you guessing throughout the episode but I think it is the little character bits which make this show, and the fact that it looks so lovely and warm when it is freezing outside.