This week Humph seems to have forgotten about his new yacht, as it isn’t even mentioned once, but then again he is now on a mission to find a woman by creating a profile on a dating website with the help, or should that be hindrance, of Dwayne.

Humph being Humph was taking an age answering the questions and probably being far too honest for his own good. Now I don’t know much about dating websites but I am sure that most people do tend to slightly elaborate their answers to make them sound more appealing, at least when they are first starting on their quest, but not Humph.

The murder itself involved the outgoing governor of the island who was killed at her leaving party by cyanide poisoning. The odd thing was that this happened after she had been handed a drink by the commissioner of police himself who was quite shocked when she then dropped dead after a single sip.

Humph was very cautious not to implicate the commissioner in the crime scene but Florence had no such qualms and made sure that he was put down as a suspect, which naturally he was as he was the one who handed her the drink which appeared to kill her, so of course he had to be a suspect, no matter now unlikely it would have been, and also a major twist, not that that would be a first on this show either.

As usual there were only a few potential suspects and, as they delved into the investigation and pulled away the layers they found that all of them had a potential motive, some that were stronger than others, but motives nonetheless, but not many of them that would have lead them to suspect them of being the murderer.

The way that Humph discovered how the killer did the deadly deed was rather clever and explained how the poor commissioner got involved with it without actually being aware that anything untoward was going on.

It’S a pity though that the mystery woman who responded to Humph’s message deleted her profile but I don’t think that we have seen the end of this little thread in this series.