A British model is found strangled after just coming off the catwalk at the fashion show that she was partcipating in. All of the rest of the models, the designer and the photographer all appeared to have cast iron alibis: one of the models was talking to her agent on the phone, the designer was helping another model on with her outfit, and the other model was on the catwalk so it didn’t seem all that obvious who might have done the dirty deed.

Once again things were bought up against all of the potential suspects: the designer, who was from the island originally, was found to have had a bit of a temper and has previously assaulted one of his models and was seen arguing with the victim, another model used to share a room with the victim and had a bit of a spiky relationship with the victim after she had found out that she was taking this drug as an aid to losing weight, the photographer it was later discovered was a partner in a model agency which the victim had led a rebellion against causing him to go bankrupt.

Out of all of the motives only really the photographer had enough of a motive to actually do the deed as he appeared to have been the most injured by the victims actions. True the model who had been taking drugs could have lost her entire career if her secret had got out which might be enough reason for murder but also might be a stupid reason as she would be more likely to get away with the drug offence than a murder charge, when she would lose her career and more besides.

Only the designer’s previous record suggested that he might have flipped and harmed the victim, but probably less likely to actually resort to murder but then again you never really know. Somehow with all of this uncertainty of who was able to do what without the others seeing them was rather simple in the end and was actually mentioned earlier in the episode.

As usual I failed to notice this and couldn’t work out who could possibly have been reponsible for the murder given the available evidence but Humph is a genius and he is always able to see things that nobody else can see and he was able to work it out and it did turn out to be the most obvious person and the way they did it wasn’t actually as clever as it sounded but was easy to overlook.