An old friend of Dwayne’s dies and, after the funeral, Dwayne gets a message from the deceased (from the phone he placed in the coffin, as per island tradition) saying that he had been murdered.

We learn more about Dwayne in this episode that we ever have before. We know that he was a bit of a bad lad when he was a kid and that he ended up turning over a new leaf and becoming the person he was today, the upright member of the island community.

It was considered to be a bit of prank at first, albeit a rather macabre prank as the deceased was a bit of a joker but when he thought more about it the less likely it seemed and Humph was ready to believe that it might in fact be in the true and that he was murdered after all.

This episode goes into some pretty dark places it has to be said and Dwayne had to do some soul searching about people he had know since he was a kid and it certainly wasn’t easy for him in this episode. There was a bit more history of the island and of a certain event that took place in the islands recent history.

This is easily Danny John Jules finest hour in this show and he shows what he can do given the write material, which he often wasn’t in Red Dwarf, which is a bit of a shame when you look back and wonder what they could have done with the character of Cat, rather than what they did do, which wasn’t much to be honest.