Humph’s favourite aunt visits the island, and she ends up staying in the hotel with a man who appears to have been pushed through a hotel balcony. She joins with Humph and the team to work out who killed a man who appeared to have just arrived on the island and was generally well liked by all and sundry.

Wendy Craig guest starred in this episode and quite frankly stole the show as the fun, puzzle enthusiast who gave Humph his love of logic puzzles and probably the main influence on his life explaining why Humph is like he is.

Keith Allen made a guest appearance basically playing Keith Allen who spent the majority of the episode being the prime suspect for the murder due to his background as a criminal, which was all they had on him at first.

When the twist came as to the real identity of the murdered man and then Allen’s characters links to him and the potential motive he again became a prime suspect, and with more actual reason this time.

Keith Allen tends to play the same role in most of the things that he does and here is no exception. This time he is a very rich ex-con who has a beautiful young wife and shouts a lot and always has a bit of a chip on his shoulder when it comes to the law.

This episode had its moment and there was a nice twist regarding the murder victim, and it had a great guest performance from Wendy Craig as Humph’s Aunt Mary, but it wasn’t really one of the more memorable episodes apart from Wendy Craig.