The story continues apace in the next batch of Dickensian episodes that I watched (episodes 9-12) with Compeyson being shown to be getting more and more horrible by the moment. I mean what who does he think he is taking poor Amelia’s dog, Jip, throwing it in the Thames, just because the little dog has got the measure of him, and keeps snapping at him every time that he sees him. You can see why he did it in order to make sure that his true plans were not exposed as Arthur seems to be totally shit scared of him and is letting him ride roughshod over him and was threatening to unmask him for the cad he was, which he simply couldn’t let happen, so he would leave no stone unturned in his pursuit of the money.

Then when you think he can’t get even worse his wife turns up. Yes, he has a wife who he has never mentioned before. Despite this, in order to help Arthur Havisham get his fortune back, steals her wedding ring and then uses said ring to propose to Amelia. I mean what a total and utter cad and Amelia, fool that she is, accepts.

In some ways you cannot feel sorry for her much longer if she can’t see him for what he is, which judging by what we have seen so far is very unlikely to every happen. He even gave her a line about being jilted at the altar by a former girl which he will eventually do to her, if they get that far that is, as in this version he is already married although he will probably not let that bother him.

Of course one of the major reasons why Compeyson has had to resort to such measures is because Amelia is more than competent at running the business despite what both Compeyson and Arthur imagined as, rather than assuming that she didn’t know what she was talking about, the board actually listened to her ideas and gave her a rousing round of applause, which was a lot a fun as it really pissed off both Arthur and Compeyson who certainly weren’t expecting that outcome, but you do feel that Compeyson totally has her under his spell, which isn’t good for her at all.

We get the full doom and gloom of Dickens in these episodes with the fate of poor old Edward Barbary who ends up in debtors prison after being unable to pay his debts and his business going down the pan, and you do feel a bit sorry for him getting into this predicament when it isn’t really entirely of his doing as he just had bad luck after bad luck and in the end he is a broken man and just accepts his fate, which to be honest you can hardly blame him for.

Honoria Barbary doesn’t have a particularly happy time of it in these episodes either as she is forced to chose between the love of her life and the advances of Sir Leicester Deadlock, a rich bachelor who has taken a shine to her, and who has the means to get her father out of the mess that he has gotten himself into, but only really if she makes the choice between young Captain Hawdon or the much older, but far richer, Sir Leicester.

The moment that her sister Frances came back to the house with her father and Sir Leicester and told Honoria that he had paid of all her father’s creditors she really had no choice, much to her dismay.

The scene where she has to basically dump Captain Hawdon is a good scene as you can see that it is really hurting her but that she really has no other option because of what Sir Leicester has done for her father, unless she wanted to be disowned by her family, which no self respecting girl in Victorian times would want to do willingly. Captain Hawdon though finds it hard to accept, as most blokes would do.

Her sister Frances is a bit a rotter really as she actually does care for Sir Leicester and is really a much better match for him but he just doesn’t like her in the way that he likes her sister, so she makes sure that her sister has to give into his advances by making the decision impossible not to accept and to be sure she has made a bloody good job of it as poor Honoria is a broken woman by the end of it.

There was some comedy gold in these episodes as well with the Bumble’s plot line of trying to better their situation by wining and dining a business man hoping that he would give them a reference to a much better position than the one that they currently find themselves in.

You do have to feel sorry for poor Mr Bumble, as Mrs Bumble is a right old nag and always needling him to do this and do that, and to do it in a certain way when all he wants is to have a quiet life, but, as she wears the trousers in the relationship, he always bows down to her whims and fancies, as every good husband should do.

The search for Marley’s murderer continues unabated with Bucket trying to decide who actually had the opportunity to kill him rather than who wanted to kill him as that was pretty much everybody!

Again it isn’t this plotline that is keeping me watching, but, I am interested, in finding out who did do it though.