Last week’s episode had a interesting twist near the end of the episode which caused the whole investigation to be turned upon its head, and another solution became rapidly apparent which at first glance didn’t seem very likely at all, but in the end was what happened all along.

Humph’s learning how to woo the fair sex continues in this episode, and JP gets lucky as well as he proposes to his new missus and she accepts, much to the shock of the team. I mean they only met about four episodes ago and now they are getting married, talk about quick work! I am not sure about his choice of Dwayne as best man though is a good idea as it would definitely involve an interesting and eventful stag night for poor old JP.

This week the murderer could have been anyone of the major suspects as they all had a reason to want the victim dead, as he was a bit of a bastard and had pissed off each and everyone in his inner circle in some way or another. He was like a cross between Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsay which is enough reason to want him dead if you ask me!

You couldn’t even feel sorry for him as he was such a nasty person. Hell, not even the people closest to him, weren’t sorry, so why would anyone else be? You end up feeling sorrier for the people around him, who had to put up with him for all those years, which probably isn’t morally right, but in this case is what happened.