Compeyson continues to worm him way into Miss Havisham’s affections in these episodes and, manages to effectively get rid of the problem that is Arthur, by persuading Amelia to buy his share of the brewery giving him enough money to pay his debts. Arthur assumes that this means their association is now at an end as he has got what he wants, but he doesn’t reckon on the greediness of Compeyson as he continues to make plans to marry Amelia and take the rest of the money leaving Arthur with little reason to complain as he has got some money, more money than he would have got otherwise. So, Arthur has sort of got what he wanted but probably not enough for the greedy bastard.

Amelia isn’t really that happy as no one seems to be glad that she is marrying Compeyson, not her best friend Honoria, not Arthur, not her lawyer Mr Jaggers, or at least try to tell her to be careful as she knows nothing about him, and that rushing into marriage would not be a good idea but, headstrong as she is, Amelia doesn’t want to listen to any of them and would rather plow her own furrow.

There was a brief moment when it looked like Amelia has come to her senses when she spotted Compeyson embracing another woman who she assumes was his wife (and she would be correct in her assumption) and then wanting nothing more to do with him. We all breathed a sigh of relief that she had finally come to her senses but, then she only went and told him, which gave him the ammunition that he needed.

He assumed that Arthur had blabbed to her about it and went to sort him out but when it turned out that it was Amelia herself who had worked it all out he had to think again of what to do. Of course he is a slimy bastard and he was able to get around it with the help of his wife who persuaded Amelia that he was her brother and had saved her from a life on the streets which totally convinced Amelia that he was the man for her, the stupid girl. It seems that nothing is going to bring her to her senses.

Honoria is then revealed to be pregnant with Captain Hawdon’s baby and as their father is nowhere to be seen Frances takes charge. What she does do seems to be a little bit over the top but convinced that this was some sort of slur on the family name she continues to make Sir Leicester believe that Honoria is interested in him and tells everyone that she is looking after an ailing aunt in the country so that Honoria could have her baby in peace and then be quickly adopted so that that Honoria could marry Sir Leicester and that the pregnancy soon be forgotten.

Quite how she hoped to achieve this was not really clear and Honoria certainly wanted to keep the baby and marry Captain Hawdon no matter what her sister thought. Captain Hawdon then found out that Frances didn’t give Honoria a message that he was wanted at the barracks for a potential promotion which caused a set to between Hawdon, Honoria and Frances. Honoria learned a lot about her sister in these episodes, particularly that she is writing letters to Sir Leicester pretending to be her.

Of course this is all in aid of making sure that their father doesn’t go back to debtors prison but it is still wrong and you can fail to see how things could get worse between the two sisters but, as this is basically Eastenders set in Victorian times, it can and it is going to get even darker.

In an episode which was bleaker than most of the rest of the episodes Honoria goes into labour earlier than expected and there is only her and Frances in the house as the maid seemed to be having a day off so Honoria demands that Captain Hawdon be sent for. Frances sends him a note which Hawdon promptly ignored as he knows that it is from Frances and not from Honoria.

After a lot of screaming and anguish the baby is born but it appears to be still born. Honoria then decides that her life was going to change. Frances agrees to sort everything out for her and say prayers for the baby but a short while later the baby cries out and it was alive.

Frances is about to run to her sister and tell her but something changes her mind and she decides to let Honoria believe that her baby has died and then took the baby to be taken by some random bloke near the docks to be taken away far away from them, so that is another secret that Frances is going to keep from her sister and it is hard to imagine how she could possible keep such a secret as this without breaking down, but that is something that she is going to have to live with.

Fagin spent much of these episodes in a cell for the murder of Jacob Marley but hadn’t actually been charged with anything and even tried to implicate the Artful Dodger in the crime, to get out of the prison but Bucket wasn’t having anything of it. There was still the link between Fagin and Marley and the warehouse full of children who were then bought by people to do all manner of odd jobs for them and probably other nefarious purposes. That had to count for something surely and Fagin is most definitely a dodgy fellow with his fingers in all sort of pies and is a very likely suspect much more than the 12 year old Artful Doger at least.

Another Inspector was called in and within a few hours had a confession beat out of someone for the murder of Marley but Bucket wasn’t convinced of this persons guilt and still went about his own investigations.

It seemed like Bob Cratchitt was the most likely culprit and when he worked out that the weapon used to kill Marley was a rolling pin used by Mrs Cratchitt he was sure that he had his man. When he got to the Cratchitt home his wife, Emily,confessed to killing Marley, which was certainly not what I saw coming.