Emily Cratchitt explains to the Inspector what happened on the night of Christmas Eve and how Marley tried to force himself upon her after she had tried to talk him out of docking Bob’s wages and you could tell that it put poor old Inspector Bucket in a bit of quandary as she did murder him but only in self defence after he basically attempted to attack her which meant that she was only protecting herself but managed to kill him in the attempt.

Bucket to his credit doesn’t let her get away with that easily as he does take her to the police station but after seeing the inhabitants of the police station and the way some of the police officers treated them and looked at Emily you can understand why he took her out of there as soon as he could and got her to run back home as it would have been monstrous to put Emily through all of that as she was a honest woman who made one mistake in total defence and that a totally disreputable man had already been charged the murder, so really nobody needed to know that it was Emily that did it, apart from Emily herself, which is punishment enough for a woman like Emily I would say.

Honoria decided to accept Sir Leicester’s proposal and will shortly become Lady Deadlock, but she isn’t happy about it, not happy at all and she makes no bones about it, with her family at least. I am sure she will try to be a bit happy around Sir Leicester but, as he is totally besotted by her, he might not even notice if she wasn’t as he just looks at her with stupid grin on his face and if she is a good enough actress then she will probably get away with it.

Arthur and Amelia’s cousin Matthew Pocket comes back from America to try and stop the wedding between Amelia and Compeyson but Compeyson gets wind of it and it able to turn it around in his favour and it really seems that Compeyson will stop at nothing to get what he wants, and that whatever Amelia is told about Compeyson which is not complementary then she just refuses to believe it and takes Compeyson as she finds him, which is completely different to everyone else.

Pocket gives up when he realises that there is nothing that he can do to prevent it and gives up on the idea. Arthur however refuses to let it happen and decides to tell Amelia everything and take his punishment like a man and have nothing rather than see his sister ruined like she would end up being with Compeyson. Of course he only did this, as he truly believed that Amelia would forgive him if he showed Compeyson for the man he really was, rather than because he was ashamed at what he had done, which isn’t really the same thing at all.

With the help of Jaggers and Bill Sikes they basically beat the idea of taking Amelia for her money out of Compeyson by offering him all the money that Arthur had got from the sale of his shares in the brewery to stop the marriage going ahead.

It looked for a while like Compeyson would refuse to accept this offer because, if he had, you know that Amelia would have blamed the others and just taken Compeyson’s side in the matter but in the end a bag full of money was enough to change the blaggard’s mind.

I know that this only happened because he had the shit kicked out of him but, as he was such a horrible and thoroughly unpleasant man, it seemed like he fully well deserved what he got and I don’t think that it was wrong of Jaggers and Arthur to do it. It didn’t do Arthur any good either to be honest as this news sent poor Amelia over the edge and turned her into the Miss Havisham of Great Expectations, and she threw him out of the house and told him never to darken her doorstep again.

To be honest you can’t really sorry for Arthur either as he really got what he deserved when he spat his dummy out after the death of their father. If he could just have accepted what this father wanted then none of this would have happened, but he was a greedy bastard and just couldn’t accept the hand he was dealt, so he really got what he deserved as well. It is Amelia I feel truly sorry for. She is the one who will never be the same again after this, and will never again know true happiness.

There were hints that there might be more tales to tell in the world with a new case for the Inspector and Oliver Twist being taken in by the Artful Dodger into the care of Fagin and a ghostly voice heard by Ebeneezer Scrooge.

If they made a second series of this then I would certainly tune into it as I thought this was a wonderful series: impeccably written; well acted; sumptuous looking; very true to the source material; almost a documentary of modern Britain; a Victorian version of Eastenders, minus the duff duffs.