Finally Humph meets a girl that he likes but as usual he is as jittery and un-cordinated as ever. Luckily in this case the girl is just the same as Humph so they are probably a good match for each other. Although almost running her down in the police van is not the most auspicious of starts to a relationship but I suppose that would be one to tell the grandkids.

JP finally tied the knot in this episode even though he almost didn’t go through with it after he confided in Dwayne, which was not really the best thing to do.

That is what I like about this show it is the camararderie of the regulars they are not just colleagues, they are friends and that makes so much of a difference as they all bounce off each other really well probably more than they ever did with Richard Poole, perhaps because Humph is more easy going than Richard was and the main thing is that he actually wants to be on the island, which Richard never did.

It also seems odd that there ever was anybody other than Humph, Florence, Dwayne and JP on the force as both JP and Florence have seamlessly joined the team and made their roles their own and you really don’t miss Camille or Fidel at all, well I don’t as Florence is so easy on the eye.

Once again the best bit of the episode was the moment when Humph finally worked out how the murder had happened and who had done right in the middle of the ceremony of the wedding, it is just as well that it didn’t happen in the middle of the service otherwise poor JP probably wouldn’t be married at all! I will never work out how he does it as we are not privy to some of the methods that he uses but he always gets his man (or women) and it is always plausible.

Quite why Humph is such a liability for the police that he needs to be shipped away about as far as you can get from the united kingdom when he is so adept at this job is always a mystery to me but it makes for an interesting show as Kris Marshall is the kind of actor who is always watchable and always takes a good part in whatever he does. A sort of modern day Nick Lyndhurst.

It is a shame that another series has past and that we have to wait a whole year for another one as I enjoy my eight weeks in the sun at St Marie.