My Struggle was a good way of reintroducing The X-Files to the viewing public with short opening montage distilling the previous nine series of the show into a few minutes without having to sit through nine years and almost 200 episodes a lot of which weren’t that much cop it has to be said.

This is good thing for the people who may have never seen the show before but not that interesting for people like me who had seen the show before but I can fully understand why it needs to be there which means that I can accept that it has to be there, even if I think it is unnecessary.

This episode was very much of the traditional alien abduction stories which were the backbone of the show for the majority of its run, and this episode covered the same themes as the series has countless times before (shadowy government types, lots of use of torches, a covert meeting in the middle of the night, a young woman convinced that she has been abducted by aliens complete with edam styles holes in her stomach) and even had a nice little flashback to Roswell itself at the start of the episode, which was quite nice and featured some of the best cgi work ever seen in the show.

It did surprise me that the opening titles are exactly the same as the original series with no attempt to update them showing that both Mulder and Scully look twenty years younger, which would have been a nice touch, but it was nice to hear that theme again after so many years, and the “I made this” sound bite at the end for Ten Thirteen Productions.

It was nice to see Scully starting off being very sceptical about the whole thing despite her years of experience to the contrary, and then gradually get drawn in like the rest of us. Mulder on the other hand hadn’t changed at all apart from looking a big craggy and lived in, although that might be more to do with Californication than anything else.

To be honest it was very much same old, same old with this episode but I just got draw in with the return of Mulder and Scully, and all the conspiracy talk and Gillian Anderson looking extremely hot.

The plot was ok and seemed to be a very typical x-files arc episode. It did take Duchovny and Anderson a little bit of time to get back into character but about half way through the episode it was as though they had never been away and the chemistry was still there between the two of them.

The best bit of the episode apart from every seen that Gillian Anderson appeared in, was the appearance of the Cigarette Smoking Man at the end smoking a cigarette through a tube in his throat. That was certainly a bit of a WTF moment!

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from this short series but it does seem like it very standard x-files fare with a bit of a modern twist to it and that will do for me to be honest.