Founder’s Mutation the second episode of the new X-File series was a standalone episode which opened with a rather bizarre murder where a research scientist ended up puncturing his brain with a letter opener after being afflicted with a high pitched noise that only he seemed to be able to hear.

It that wasn’t strange enough in this episode we get a bloke propositioning Mulder in a bar, which is a very funny scene. We also get the idea that people are experimenting on pregnant women causing them to have mutant children who start to show strange powers such as telepathy and telekinesis, and that a person would perform experiment on his own children, and then have his wife institutionalised as a result of these experiments, which his all told in explicit detail in this episode.

This was the very disturbing premise of this episode which could have neatly fitted into any previous season of The X-Files. Both Mulder and Scully were on top form in this episode and they carried on from the second half of this episode when they started to behave like Mulder and Scully and in this episode they were their usual selves throughout the episode with Scully trying her best to be the rational member of the team.

Due to the plot mainly being about children it made Scully think about the son that she had to give up, the son that she had with Mulder and there were some nice scenes showing Scully and her son interacting in ways that Scully would have loved to have done but had never been able to before. Gillian Anderson excelled in these scenes and she also was very good at showing Scully’s hurt at having to give up her son all those years ago.

This episode is also very bloody and apart from the scene at the start with the research scientist trying to cure a headache by shoving a letter opener in his ear and into his brain, we also got a rather graphic birth by caesarean, and a man who eyes literally boiled. So, not one for the faint hearted.

This episode worked better on its own then the first episode did, but then more often than not the standalone X-Files episode were often better than the arc episodes so that isn’t that surprising. If last week’s seemed a little bit off this episode was right back on track, and shows that the show still works and that it was the right decision to bring it back for this short series.