“Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster” the third episode of the new series is one of the offbeat episodes of the show that is quite frankly bat-shit crazy, but works because it is often very funny and very imaginative and is written and directed by man who knows how to write a clever and witty X-Files script which this episode certainly has.

The episode opens with several bodies found with their throats ripped open and a couple of witnesses stating that they saw a strange lizard like creature running from the scene but gave two totally different descriptions of the creature/thing, but then again they were high at the time so they weren’t the most reliable of witnesses.

Later on a hooker is interviewed by Mulder, who was almost attacked by a lizard like man with a similar description to the creature that seemed to be the killer of all these people and managed to hit the creature with her bag.

In the end it turns out to be a lot more prosaic than there being an evil monster running around ripping the throats out of people with something much darker going on instead.

The main guest star of the episode was Rhys Darby from Flight of the Concords who played a man who turned out to be a totally harmless lizard creature, caught in the wrong place, at the wrong time, who ended up becoming a normal human being who worked in a normal, boring job and lived a normal, boring life after being bitten by a human and not a man who turned into a lizard creature and then went on a killing rampage as Mulder had become convinced throughout the episode.

Darby obviously had a ball in this episode and even imagined a scene where he got off with Scully in the back of the phone shop where he worked and I can totally agree with this fantasy as I have found watching this series that I have a thing for Scully as she is now a lot more than I did back in the day, she is so hot now it’s unreal.

Yes the episode is as ridiculous as it sounds but due to the deft scripting and direction by Morgan it actually held together and turned into a very enjoyable episode that is my favourite out of the new series so far, mostly because it made me laugh out loud and wonder what the hell I was doing watching it all at the same time!